6 Pointers for A Comfortable and Safe Taxi Cab Ride

Are you going to hire a taxicab? Taking a taxi can be confusing in a new city, especially if you are not familiar about how taxi fare and the services offered are charged. Knowing a few things before-hand can avert a shock at the time of paying the bill.

Taxi Fare Calculations

It can be calculated in two ways viz. flat rates, and meters. Ask the cab service provider about the method that will be used.

Flat Rate System

It is the simplest way to calculate the taxi fare. In this system, the Wilmington taxi will charge a flat price for travel between any two significant locations, e.g., airport and the city center. For instance, you take a taxi from the airport location to the hotel-location and the taxi charges flat-rates, you will pay only one-time fee for the ride. Usually, the charges include extra people, tolls, luggage, entertainment etc. For long distance ride it is of best interest to customers to ask for flat rate as it saves a lot of money over metered pricing.

The Meter System

It is the most commonly used system to calculate the taxi fare. When the taxi meter is active, three charges apply – an initial fee, a per kilometer fee, and a wait time fee.




Once a taxi-cab is taken, an initial fee is charged. It’s not meant for covering distance but the amount to start the ride. Once the cab starts moving, the meter will start adding up the distance traveled and will charge the price for each kilometer or mile traveled. However, if the taxi-cab slows down (below the particular speed of 10km per hour), or is stuck in traffic, the meter will charge by the waiting time instead of distance traveled. It’s done to pay the cab driver for waiting time while halting at the red lights or in traffic. So, the taxi fare charged in meter system is the sum of base fare, total travel cost, and total waiting cost.

Ride Safety

Professional drivers without any adverse records make for a safe ride. Usually, the driver rating helps to judge it. Ask before-hand whether the vehicle is a non-smoking one or not.

Vehicle Options and Quality

There should be option to choose the most suitable vehicle for the travel need. Check out the quality and type of vehicle before renting it. If you are on a long ride, comfort and safety come first.

Hygiene and First-Aid

Before taking the ride, ensure that the vehicle is disinfected. Given the pandemic conditions, it’s an absolute must. What if you are uncomfortable during a long ride? Although there has to be a procedure to handle any eventuality, a first-aid box is undoubtedly helpful.

On-Ride Entertainment

Whether you are on a small or long ride, a little entertainment on the way is welcome. Look out for the charges as they are usually levied extra and added to the final bill.

Ride Map and Schedule

Once the ride starts, you should be able to see the map of the route taken, starting from the source to the destination. Most taxi cabs have a pre-installed device, which also gives estimated time to reach the destination.

In the End,

While hiring a taxi cab in Wilmington, keep these pointers in mind. They ensure a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable ride.

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